stained glass window covering

Decorative and Educative Stained Glass Window Clings for Kids’ Bedroom

Stained glass window clings are none other than the stained glass window film. They are two terms that are used interchangeably. It also refers to a thin decorative layer in which the pattern resembles a real stained glass window. This one is known for it is easy to deal with. You can easily install it, easily keep it, easily remove it, and even easily reuse it. Convenient, isn’t it? How […]

decorative stained glass window film

Getting the Real Stained Glass Window with Stained Glass Window Film

Stained glass window film is a very helpful existence for those who are dreaming of having the real stained glass window in their house. Well, stained glass window is practically expensive for it is not easy to craft one. Upon answering people’s wish for owning it, film for stained glass window is made. What is this actually? Let’s talk about it further below. The Easy and Handy Stained Glass Window […]

antique glass mirror

Antique Stained Glass Windows: the One with the Door Look

Antique stained glass windows are loved by many people, especially the antiquity lovers. Antique is rare since the beginning. Why? It is because they often existed in the past, thus you cannot find it easily at the present. Stained glass for antique type window is crafted skillfully, thus excellent work can be produced. The design itself is not simple. It is what we call as an art. Antique American Stained […]

custom stained glass window panels

Make Your Window Alive with Stained Glass Window Panels

Stained glass window panels are wonderful window décors. What is so good from stained glass for window panels is that it is actually colored pieces of glass that are formed into a picture of something. It is more like decorative window panels maybe. You might even be able to see its reflection on the wall it faces when the light comes through it. It is pretty and there are many […]

queen bed with trundle and storage

Queen Bed with Trundle for Storage Purpose

Queen bed with trundle presents in many ways. Trundle-designed bed does not always appear with additional bed below the upper bed. The trundle can also function for storage purpose too. Well, there is also its design that has both low bed and drawers. However, if you are not searching for additional sleeping space but storage instead in queen bed, the one with low drawers will do just fine. Hamilton Queen […]

wrought iron trundle bed

Trundle Day Bed: the Sofa-Looking Bed or the Bed-Looking Sofa?

Trundle day bed can be really surprising in its basic form itself. Why? Well, you can just wonder upon taking a look at it. A question like “is it a sofa?” or “is it a bed?” will appear in your mind. Practically, day bed is a sofa that can be made into a bed. Without trundle, you can see that it seems perfectly like a sofa. What makes it different […]

queen trundle bed set

Queen Trundle Bed: the Twin-Like Bed

Queen trundle bed has been always in demand due to its capability. The capability means here is that since queen bed itself is pretty spacious, it will be really helpful if we have another spacious additional bed with trundle design. Basically, this kind of beds is spacious for a single person to sleep on it, but it might be cramped for two people. However, this is an enough space for […]